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Rich holds a BFA in Sculpture from Parsons School of Design. He has worked as an artist-blacksmith for over 40 years in both private shops and living history museums. His work has been shown throughout the Northeast, most recently as part of the 2021 "Sculpture Now" outdoor exhibition at The Mount in Lenox, MA.  He is an Appalachian Trail thru-hiker and still enjoys hiking around rock formations, mountains and forests.  

Artist Statment

My visual vocabulary as an artist is constantly evolving. The way I see and respond to the world around me influences the shapes and forms I create. My work is largely inspired by nature, especially forms found in fractured rock formations. 

The materials and tools I use while forging also influence my visual vocabulary. The way steel moves, it's versatility and the tools used to move it, all have an effect of the shapes and lines I use. The result is a flowing collaboration between myself and the work. This holds true for my functional pieces and well as my sculptures.

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