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'Unchecked' begun as a reaction to a world where things seemed to be spinning out of control. The symbol for radiation was my starting point. It is a widely recognized symbol of power and potential danger which needs to be kept in check and remain in our awareness as humankind moves forward.

There is much awareness in the world today regarding the abuse, neglect and corruption of power. This power has the potential for devastating and lasting effects which will not easily be reversed. Climate change, the pandemic, racial and economic inequality, politics, advancing technology, disregard for the common good, are just a few examples of things that if left 'unchecked' have the potential to be ultimately dangerous to mankind and the future of our planet.

In the end, this unchecked spinning has brought us to a tipping point. A new beginning and future. A chance to make better choices and work toward healing ourselves and our planet.

What's your tipping point?

Shown at the 2021 Sculpture Now Exhibition at The Mount in Lenox, MA

Sven The Dragon

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